The Saskatoon Children’s Choir has developed an international reputation for artistic excellence, creative performances and for their commitment to humanitarian initiatives. They hold the conviction that music crosses all cultures and borders, and that all young people can be a voice for peace, equality and global understanding. They are sponsored and nurtured by the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association.


  • To nurture our singers’ appreciation for fine music, and encourage them to approach their studies with intelligence, creativity and musicianship;
  • To foster an understanding of, and appreciation for, music from Canada;
  • To study and perform music from other parts of the world, extending through choral music our singers’ understanding of their role in a global community;
  • To inspire audience members and others affiliated with the choir to support artistic and humanitarian endeavours;
  • To communicate a message of promise in a world where children suffer from war, poverty and conflict;
  • To demonstrate, with courage and conviction, that all young people have an obligation to take concrete steps toward creating a world of tolerance and hope.