Llangollen and Beyond, 2013

Concert Choir Performance Tour of Ireland, Wales and England

“Llangollen is a powerful example of how ordinary men and women can make a positive difference in this war-torn world… It is a mistake to think that it is only people in high political office who can bring peace. Peace begins in the hearts of ordinary people who learn to share and trust. And music is one powerful means to this end.”  Terry Waite, Human Rights Campaigner and the Eisteddfod President

In July 2013, the SCC embarked on its two-week long international performance tour to Ireland, Wales and England. In Ireland, they presented concerts in St Michael’s Church in Greystones, and in Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin, and participated in two professional Irish music workshops.

In Wales, the choir took part in the 67th Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. This is a well known music festival which takes place every year in Llangollen, North Wales. Singers and dancers from around the world are invited to take part in over 20 high quality competitions followed each evening by concerts where the best and most colourful competitors share the stage with professional artists. Over five thousand singers, dancers and instrumentalists from around 50 countries perform to audiences of more than 50,000 over the six days of the event. The SCC successfully participated in three competitions. You can watch our performances at the Eisteddfod through these links:

Cultural Showcase
Children’s Folk Choirs
Senior Children’s Choirs

After the festival, the choir continued to London, through Stratford-upon-Avon, Kenilworth, Warwick and Oxford. They performed a fundraising concert in Kenilworth, participated in a joint church service in Leamington Spa All Saints Cathedral and in London performed in St. James, Piccadilly.